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What is a mature software?

A mature software is the software that has all of these features:

  • Reliable
    — The software must do successfully what has been designated.
  • Stable
    — Few, if any bugs.
  • Secure
    — The software must worry about vulnerabilities.
  • Flexible
    — The software must have been designed in a way that an update or a new feature won’t be the end of the world. The software must has not to be fragile.
  • Robust
    — Fail-Proof and not very much fazed by events such as erroneous user input.

— To have a mature software, a suitable development process is needed.
— It can be said that a mature software development process when the software:

  • Is well done (Which includes clean code and well structured)
  • Is well tested (Unit tests, integration, system)
  • Has version control
  • Has build and automated deploy
  • Has a simple flow between creation and implantation

As important as a mature software is to have a simple flow between the creation and implantation. It doesn’t help to have a mature software if PROCESSES will impair your life. It’s like having a Ferrari on a path of 300 km and drive 290 km in traffic jam.

In this blog I intend to show you some tips on how to achieve a mature software: from creation to deployment and optimizing processes so that your mature software has no traffic jam.