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  • Protopage is your personal page and can be private or public. It has many features such as: RSS reader, sticky notes, To-Do list, bookmarks, integration with social networks and many other widgets. It also has the functionality to separate all with tabs for better organization. It’s free.

URL: http://protopage.com/


  • Redmine is a project management tool and has features such as wiki, forums, task management, Gantt chart, email notification and many other things. The HostedRedmine is an online and free hosted Redmine. Very good for project management and supports both public as private projects.

– High number of useful features
– Allows private and public projects
– Easy to use
– Free

– Doesn’t have Agile board

URL: http://hostedredmine.com/


  • The YouTrack is also a project management tool and has features such as task management, supports Agile (sprints, boards, etc.), a good variety of reports, email notification and many other things. The YouTrack is free only for public projects.

– High number of useful features
– Supports Agile
– Good granularity (supports sub-systems, tags, etc.)
– Highly customizable

– It doesn’t allow private projects (unless you pay)
– A little more complex than the Redmine
– Free only for Open Source (Trial for 30 days, and after that, your project becomes public)

URL: https://www.jetbrains.com/youtrack


  • KanbanFlow is a website that provides a table of activities in highly customizable Kanban style. It also supports sub-tasks, configurable timer, supports the Pomodoro technique and reports.

URL: https://kanbanflow.com/

SQL Format

  • As the name implies, SQL Format aims to indent and organize your query or your SQL command. Does not validate the command.

URL: http://www.dpriver.com/pp/sqlformat.htm

JSON Format

  • As the name says, the JSON Format aims to indent and organize your JSON. Verifies whether the JSON is valid.

URL: https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/


  • Bitbucket is basically a version control system and supports Git and Mercurial, also other features: integration with many services, wiki, task management, support teams, has several plugins, including source code collaboration and others. It’s free up to 5 users, which makes it great for small or even personal project teams. Accepts private and public projects in the free version, both unlimited.

URL: https://bitbucket.org/

Web Service Repository

  • It’s a web services repository. It’s public and free. You can use its services and publish as well. Also good to train the use of Web Services.

URL: http://www.service-repository.com/


  • Repl.It is a website to program small snippets of code. It supports multiple programming languages (such as Python, Ruby, Java, NodeJS, CoffeeScript and many others), being able to share the session with other users and you can also save the session. Very good for learning in new languages (it doesn’t need to install anything on the PC) or to develop small algorithms to use later.

URL: https://repl.it/languages


  • Slack is a communication tool, basically a chat. However, it has integration with many services, including IDEs and repositories. It also has a configurable robot to tell what you want when you type a word or phrase, good to indicate URLs. The free version features integration with up to 10 services.

URL: https://slack.com/

That’s it, folks. Do you know any tool? Recommend another? Let me know in the comments.