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JSON to Java Object (POJO)

  • As the name says, it converts JSON to POJO, but also has the funcionality to pass the URL of a JSON.

URL: http://json2java.azurewebsites.net/

JSON/XML to Java Object (POJO)

  • Ao contrário do link acima, esse link não converte só JSON, mas também XML. Não aceita uma URL para um JSON. Unlike the above link, this link does not convert JSON only, but also XML. Doesn’t accepts a URL to a JSON.

URL: http://pojo.sodhanalibrary.com/

JSON to C# Object

  • As the name says, it converts JSON to C# object, but also has the funcionality to pass the URL of a JSON.

URL: http://json2csharp.com/


  • Gist is a code sharing tool. No need to create an account to share (both public and private), however, without an account is impossible to edit the file.

URL: https://gist.github.com/


  • Trello is a website that provides a table of activities in highly customizable Kanban style. It has, among other features, the ability to comment on activities, filtering, and mobile app.

URL: https://trello.com/

Hibernate POJO Generator

  • Hibernate POJO Generator is a program that maps the database and converts to POJO with JPA, including relationships. No support for all databases, but covers some of the key ones.

URL: http://hibernatepojoge.sourceforge.net/

Can I Use

  • CanIUse is a site that provides updated information about which browsers support which tags / attributes / etc. HTMLs you want to use.

URL: http://caniuse.com/


  • HttpStatuses is a site that has information of all HTTP status with description, definition and some code references in some programming languages.

URL: https://httpstatuses.com/

JSON Server (Fake REST API)

  • JSON Server is a tool that makes really easy the creation of a REST API fake in seconds.

URL: https://github.com/typicode/json-server

That’s it, folks. Do you know any tool? Recommend another? Let me know in the comments.