I recently saw a problem of a service running on a specific port. For reasons of limited access to the source code and to the machine, it was difficult to figure out what might be running on that port. So, this motivated me to do this post, to know what are the default ports of some of the services, just out of curiosity:

Default ports

Service Port Additional Information
SQL Server 1433
OracleDB 1521
Express 3000 NodeJS Framework
Rails 3000 Ruby Framework (Ruby On Rails)
MySQL 3306
PostgreSQL 5432
Kibana 5601
RabbitMQ 5672
Redis 6379
Weblogic 7001 Administration Server
Weblogic 7002 SSL Administration Server
Django 8000 Python Framework
Jenkins 8080
Tomcat 8080
Spring Boot 8080 Java Framework (it uses Tomcat)
ElasticSearch 9200 For REST
ElasticSearch 9300 For nodes communication
MongoDB 27017
MongoDB 27018 When running with –shardsvr
MongoDB 27019 When running with –configsvr
MongoDB 28017 Web status page

This post may be updated. If you have any suggestion of service, just say that I add. In the next post I will try to talk about Java 9 and its news.